Jeff Mills y Axis

El wizard del techno.

El wizard del techno.

Marcus Barnes nos comparte esta magnifica entrevista a Jeff Mills.

El productor de Detroit habla bastante sobre la historia, propósito e importancia de su label Axis:

It’s been, and looks set to be, my life’s work. Around 1996, I made the commitment to spending the rest of my life to creating this style of music. Since then, it became more clear as to the type of things I need focus on or the way Axis needed to be managed in order to survive all the changes in the industry. Selling music isn’t the only objective.

Sobre su visión del oficio de un Dj:

I stopped believing the idea that DJs are only there to play people’s favorite songs and I started to realise more that some people are as informed or even more educated, about music as I am. I started to playing music that I thought that might appeal to those people – the most educated, not the least.

Y la mejor parte de la entrevista, la respuesta que Mills da cuando le preguntan cuando v a a ser la fecha de su retiro:

I don’t plan to retire – there is no reason to.