El live act de Aril Brikha

Aril Brikha live

Aril Brikha live

El productor Aril Brikha explica como funciona su live act en esta entrevista de Pulse Radio:

You ditched the hardware set up for playing live and are using a digital set up now. You’ve said before, as the saying goes, that it’s ‘not what you have, but how you use it’. How do you use your setup now when playing live?

Basically it’s all based around Abelton Live, but I’m using it the same way that I did with my hardware, which means that everything is separated; kick-drum, high-hats, percussion, snare, basslines, a couple of audio tracks for chords and melodies and also two midi-channels for VSTs and synths that I’m using live. I don’t like to record those, because I’m used to using the filter live and manipulating it while I’m playing the track, rather than just playing back everything as it was recorded. Obviously it looks less on stage, but equally as much work goes into this setup. As I said, nothing is prepared; I have no arrangements, no intro or outro of the track – everything is launched instantly, muted, tweaked, equalised…everything is done live. If I don’t touch the controllers or the computer, nothing happens. It will basically just be a loop going round and round. It’s all improvised. I can play whichever track I want in whatever order I want for how long I want. I can play tracks without a kick-drum for fifteen minutes to piss people off if I want, or the other way round, just playing a kick-drum for fifteen minutes!

En esta respuesta, Aril Brikha productor del genial track “Groove La Chord”, define lo que constituye un buen live act: improvisación, creatividad y manipulación sonora en tiempo real.